The Van Wezel

I have been tuning for the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall for 21 years. In that time I have tuned for many famous artists such as Itzhak Perlman, Michael Feinstein, Jerry Lewis, Tony Bennett, Neil Sadaka, The Moscow Festival Ballet, The Boston Pops, The Cincinnati Pops, The Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, and the late Marvin Hamlisch and Steve Allen. The Van Wezel has 2 9′ Steinway Concert Grands, 1 9′ Yamaha Concert Grand, and a Harpsichord that is a 9 foot 2 manual built by Eric Herz in 1980. One 16′, two 8′, and one 4′ registers with 6 pedals.

About the Pictures

These photos are of the piano storage room at the Van Wezel. This room houses the 2 Steinway’s, the Yamaha Concert Grand Piano, and the Harpsichord. The instruments make their way to the stage by going from their under the stage storage room and then onto the elevator / stage lift. This lift raises or lowers the pianos as needed. It also serves as an extension for the stage if required. When it is in the lower position, it makes room for a larger “drawer” of seats that can be extended for more general seating. These seats are then raised part way for large audiences.

The Opera House orchestra pit has a similar elevator. The Opera House has approximately 22 pianos. Many of these instruments are in private studios used for coaching. The stage piano is a 5′ 9″ Yamaha Grand. In season my work at the Sarasota Opera House is extremely intense and must coordinate with their busy schedule. David has been tuning for the Opera House for 23 years.

Van Wezel Piano RoomVan Wezel Piano RoomVan Wezel Piano Room

Van WezelSt. Martin-in-the-Fields Academy Chamber OrchestraSt. Martin-in-the-Fields Academy Chamber Orchestra